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Nissan Sentra Service Manual: System description

Component parts

Component parts location

  1. Front tweeter lh
  2. GPS antenna
  3. Steering switches
  4. Av control unit
  5. Front tweeter rh
  6. Microphone
  7. Front door speaker LH
  8. Front door speaker rh
  9. Rear speaker RH
  10. Rear speaker lh
  11. Antenna amp.
  12. Satellite antenna
  13. Rear view camera
  14. Window antenna
  15. USB interface
  16. Aux jack

Component description



System diagram

System description

System description

Refer to owner’s manual for navigation and audio system operating instructions.

Audio function and display are built into av control unit.

This navigation has the following functions.

iPodВ® is a trademark of Apple inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Navigation system function


Position detection principle

The navigation system periodically calculates the vehicle's current position according to the following three signals:

The current position of the vehicle is then identified by comparing the calculated vehicle position with map data read from the map sd-card (map-matching), and indicated on the screen as a vehicle mark. More accurate data is judged and used by comparing vehicle position detection results found by the gps with the result by map-matching.

The current vehicle position will be calculated by detecting the distance the vehicle moved from the previous calculation point and its direction.

Travel distance calculations are based on the vehicle speed sensor input signal. Therefore, the calculation may become incorrect as the tires wear down. To prevent this, an automatic distance correction function has been adopted.

Change in the travel direction of the vehicle is calculated by a gyroscope (angular velocity sensor) and a gps antenna (gps information).

They have both advantages and disadvantages.

More accurate traveling direction is detected because priorities are set for

More accurate traveling direction is detected because priorities are set for the signals from these two devices according to the situation.


Map-matching compares a current location detected by the method in the “location detection principle” with a road map data from map sd-card.


The road map data is based on data stored in the map sd-card.

The vehicle position may not be corrected under the following circumstances

The vehicle position may not be corrected under the following circumstances and after driving for a certain time when gps information is difficult to receive. In this case, the vehicle mark on the display must be corrected manually

Gps (global positioning system)

Gps (global positioning system)

Gps (global positioning system) is developed for and is controlled by the us department of defense. The system utilizes gps satellites (navstar), transmitting out radio waves while flying on an orbit around the earth at an altitude of approximately 21,000 km (13,049 mile).

The receiver calculates the travel position in three dimensions (latitude/ longitude/altitude) according to the time lag of the radio waves that four or more gps satellites transmit (three-dimensional positioning).

The gps receiver calculates the travel position in two dimensions (latitude/longitude) with the previous altitude data if the gps receiver receives only three radio waves (two-dimensional positioning).

Gps position correction is not performed while stopping the vehicle.

Accuracy of the gps will deteriorate under the following conditions:

Accuracy of the gps will deteriorate under the following conditions:


Satellite radio function

Auxiliary input function

Rear view monitor function

Camera image operation principle

Usb connection function


Use the enclosed usb harness when connecting ipodВ® to usb connector and aux jack.

IpodВ® is a trademark of apple inc., Registered in the u.S. And other countries.

Speed sensitive volume system

Hands-free phone system

When a call is originated

When receiving a call

Diagnosis system (av control unit)


The av control unit on board diagnosis performs the functions listed in the table below:

Perform consult diagnosis if the av control unit on board diagnosis does not

Perform consult diagnosis if the av control unit on board diagnosis does not start or the screen does not display anything.

On Board Diagnosis Function

Method of starting

  1. Turn the ignition on.
  2. Turn the audio system off.
  3. While pressing the forward seek button, turn the tune-dial counterclockwise 3 or more clicks, then clockwise 3 or more clicks, then counterclockwise 3 or more clicks. Shifting from current screen to previous screen is performed by pressing back button.

  1. The trouble diagnosis initial screen is displayed, and version, user config, radio, system state or self test can be selected.

CONSULT Function

CONSULT Function

Consult functions

Consult performs the following functions via communication with the av control unit.

Ecu identification

Ecu identification

The part number of av control unit is displayed.

Self diagnostic result

Refer to AV-233, "DTC Index".




Refer to AV-251, "CONFIGURATION (AV CONTROL UNIT) : Description".


Refer to LAN-13, "CAN Diagnostic Support Monitor".

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Ecu diagnosis information
Av control unit Reference value TERMINAL LAYOUT PHYSICAL VALUES Dtc index ...

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