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Toyota Camry Owner's Manual (2023): Display - Intuitive parking assist

When the sensors detect an object, the following displays inform the driver of the position and distance to the object.

  1. Front corner sensor operation
  2. Front center sensor operation
  3. Rear corner sensor operation
  4. Rear center sensor operation
  5. Select to mute the buzzer sounds.

Using the driving support systems

■Muting the buzzer sound

Sensor detection display, object distance

■ Distance display

Using the driving support systems

■ Buzzer operation and distance to an object

A buzzer sounds when the sensors are operating.

Detection range of the sensors

  1. Approximately 3.3 ft. (100 cm)
  2. Approximately 4.9 ft. (150 cm)
  3. Approximately 2.0 ft. (60 cm)

Using the driving support systems

The diagram shows the detection range of the sensors. Note that the sensors cannot detect objects that are extremely close to the vehicle.

The range of the sensors may change depending on the shape of the object, etc.

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