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Nissan Sentra Service Manual: B2205 vehicle speed


The abs actuator and electric unit (control unit) provides a vehicle speed signal to the combination meter via can communication lines.

DTC Logic

Dtc detection logic



Detection condition

Possible malfunction location

B2205 VEHICLE SPEED CIRC [B2205] Malfunction is detected when an erroneous speed signal is received for 2 seconds or more.
  • Combination meter
  • Abs actuator and electric unit (control unit)

Diagnosis Procedure

1.Check combination meter input signal

  1. Start engine and select METER/M&A on CONSULT.
  2. Using SPEED METER on DATA MONITOR, compare the value of DATA MONITOR with speedometer pointer of combination meter. Speedometer and DATA MONITOR indications should be close.

Is the inspection result normal? Yes >> perform abs actuator and electric unit (control unit) self-diagnosis. Refer to brc-31, "consult function (abs)".

No >> replace combination meter. Refer to mwi-77, "removal and installation".

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