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Nissan Sentra Service Manual: Diagnosis description : system readiness test (SRT) code

Nissan Sentra Service Manual / Engine / Engine control system / Operation / Diagnosis description : system readiness test (SRT) code

System Readiness Test (SRT) code is specified in Service $01 of SAE J1979/ISO 15031-5.

As part of an enhanced emissions test for Inspection & Maintenance (I/M), certain states require the status of SRT be used to indicate whether the ECM has completed self-diagnosis of major emission systems and components.

Completion must be verified in order for the emissions inspection to proceed.

If a vehicle is rejected for a State emissions inspection due to one or more SRT items indicating “INCMP”, use the information in this Service Manual to set the SRT to “CMPLT”.

In most cases the ECM will automatically complete its self-diagnosis cycle during normal usage, and the SRT status will indicate “CMPLT” for each application system. Once set as “CMPLT”, the SRT status remains “CMPLT” until the self-diagnosis memory is erased.

Occasionally, certain portions of the self-diagnostic test may not be completed as a result of the customer's normal driving pattern; the SRT will indicate “INCMP” for these items.


The SRT will also indicate “INCMP” if the self-diagnosis memory is erased for any reason or if the ECM memory power supply is interrupted for several hours.

If, during the state emissions inspection, the SRT indicates “CMPLT” for all test items, the inspector will continue with the emissions test. However, if the SRT indicates “INCMP” for one or more of the SRT items the vehicle is returned to the customer untested.


If permanent DTC is stored or MIL illuminates during the state emissions inspection, the vehicle is alsoreturned to the customer untested even though the SRT indicates “CMPLT” for all test items. Therefore, it isimportant to check SRT (“CMPLT”), DTC (No DTCs) and permanent DTC (NO permanent DTCs) before theinspection.


SRT is set as “CMPLT” after self-diagnosis has been performed one or more times. Completion of SRT is done regardless of whether the result is OK or NG. The set timing is different between OK and NG results and is shown in the table below.

OK: Self-diagnosis is carried out and the result is OK.

OK: Self-diagnosis is carried out and the result is OK.

NG: Self-diagnosis is carried out and the result is NG.

—: Self-diagnosis is not carried out.

When all SRT related self-diagnoses show OK results in a single cycle (Ignition OFF-ON-OFF), the SRT will indicate “CMPLT”. → Case 1 above

When all SRT related self-diagnoses show OK results through several different cycles, the SRT will indicate “CMPLT” at the time the respective self-diagnoses have at least one OK result. → Case 2 above If one or more SRT related self-diagnoses show NG results in 2 consecutive cycles, the SRT will also indicate “CMPLT”. → Case 3 above The table above shows that the minimum number of cycles for setting SRT as “INCMP” is the number one (1) for each self-diagnosis (Case 1 & 2) or the number two (2) for one of self-diagnoses (Case 3). However, in preparation for the state emissions inspection, it is unnecessary for each self-diagnosis to be executed twice (Case 3) for the following reasons:


SRT can be set as “CMPLT” together with the DTC(s). Therefore, DTC check must always be carried out prior to the state emission inspection even though the SRT indicates “CMPLT”.

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