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Driving pattern A means a trip satisfying the following conditions.



Driving pattern B means a trip satisfying the following conditions.



Driving pattern C means operating vehicle as per the following: The following conditions should be satisfied at the same time:

Engine speed: (Engine speed in the freeze frame data) В±375 rpm

Calculated load value: (Calculated load value in the freeze frame data) x (1В±0.1) [%] Engine coolant temperature condition:



Driving pattern D means a trip satisfying the following conditions


Diagnosis description : counter system
RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MIL, 1ST TRIP DTC, DTC, AND DETECTABLE ITEMS When a malfunction is detected for the first time, the 1st trip DTC and the 1st trip freeze frame data are stored in the ECM ...

Diagnosis description : system readiness test (SRT) code
System Readiness Test (SRT) code is specified in Service $01 of SAE J1979/ISO 15031-5. As part of an enhanced emissions test for Inspection & Maintenance (I/M), certain states require the s ...

Other materials:

Front wheel hub
Exploded View Steering knuckle Splash guard Wheel stud Wheel hub and bearing Disc brake rotor Wheel hub lock nut Nut retainer Cotter pin Removal and Installation Remove the wheel and tire using power tool. Refer to WT-47, "Exploded View". Remove the brake ...

Diagnosis system (AIR BAG)
Description CAUTION: Never use electrical test equipment on any circuit related to the SRS unless instructed in this Service Manual. SRS wiring harnesses can be identified by yellow and/or orange harnesses or harness connectors. Never repair, splice or modify the SRS wiring harness. ...

Engine coolant temperature gauge
NOTE: The ignition switch must be placed in the ON position for the gauge to give a reading. The gauge indicates the engine coolant temperature. The engine coolant temperature is within the normal range when the reading is within the zone A shown in the illustration. The engine coolan ...

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