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Driving pattern A means a trip satisfying the following conditions.



Driving pattern B means a trip satisfying the following conditions.



Driving pattern C means operating vehicle as per the following: The following conditions should be satisfied at the same time:

Engine speed: (Engine speed in the freeze frame data) В±375 rpm

Calculated load value: (Calculated load value in the freeze frame data) x (1В±0.1) [%] Engine coolant temperature condition:



Driving pattern D means a trip satisfying the following conditions


Diagnosis description : counter system
RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MIL, 1ST TRIP DTC, DTC, AND DETECTABLE ITEMS When a malfunction is detected for the first time, the 1st trip DTC and the 1st trip freeze frame data are stored in the ECM ...

Diagnosis description : system readiness test (SRT) code
System Readiness Test (SRT) code is specified in Service $01 of SAE J1979/ISO 15031-5. As part of an enhanced emissions test for Inspection & Maintenance (I/M), certain states require the s ...

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Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system
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