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Toyota Camry Owner's Manual (2023): Using an anchor bracket (for top tether strap)

Toyota Camry Owner's Manual (2023) / For safety and security / Child safety / Using an anchor bracket (for top tether strap)

■ Anchor brackets (for top tether strap)

Anchor brackets are provided for each rear seat.

Use anchor brackets when fixing the top tether strap.

Seats with an adjustable type head restraint

Child safety

Seats with an integrated type head restraint

Child safety

■ Fixing the top tether strap to the anchor bracket

Install the child restraint system in accordance to the operation manual enclosed with the child restraint system.

1. Adjust the head restraint to the upmost position.

If the head restraint interferes with the child restraint system installation and the head restraint can be removed, remove the head restraint.

Child safety

2. Open the anchor bracket cover, latch the hook onto the anchor bracket and tighten the top tether strap.

Make sure the top tether strap is securely latched. When installing the child restraint system with the head restraint being raised, be sure to have the top tether strap pass underneath the head restraint.

Seats with an adjustable type head restraint

Child safety

Seats with an integrated type head restraint

Child safety

■Laws and regulations pertaining to anchors

The LATCH system conforms to FMVSS225 or CMVSS210.2.

Child restraint systems conforming to FMVSS213 or CMVSS213 specifications can be used.

This vehicle is designed to conform to SAE J1819.


■When installing a child restraint system

Observe the following precautions.

Failure to do so may result in death or serious injury.


■Anchor brackets (for top tether strap)

When not in use, make certain to close the lid. If it remains open, the lid may be damaged.

Child restraint system fixed with a child restraint LATCH anchor
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Emergency assistance

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