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Nissan Sentra Service Manual: Moonroof does not operate properly

Diagnosis Procedure

1. Check bcm power supply and ground circuit

Check BCM power supply and ground circuit.


Is the inspection result normal? YES >> GO TO 2.

NO >> Repair or replace malfunctioning parts.

2. Check moonroof motor assembly power supply and ground circuit

Check moonroof motor assembly power supply and ground circuit.

Refer to rf-20, "moonroof motor assembly : component function check".

Is the inspection result normal? Yes >> check intermittent incident. Refer to gi-39, "intermittent incident".

No >> repair or replace malfunctioning parts.

Symptom diagnosis

Auto operation does not operate
Diagnosis Procedure 1. Perform initialization procedure Perform initialization procedure. Refer to rf-18, "additional service when replacing control unit : special repair requirement" ...

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