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Toyota Camry Owner's Manual (2023): Changing engine switch modes

Modes can be changed by pressing the engine switch with the brake pedal released. (The mode changes each time the switch is pressed.)

  1. Off*
    The emergency flashers can be used.
    The multi-information display will not be displayed.
  2. ACCESSORY mode
    Some electrical components such as the audio system can be used.
    A message indicating how to start the engine will be displayed on the multi-information display.
  3. IGNITION ON mode
    All electrical components can be used.

Driving procedures

*: If the shift lever is in a position other than P when turning off the engine, the engine switch will be turned to ACCESSORY mode, not to off.

When stopping the engine with the shift lever in a position other than P

If the engine is stopped with the shift lever in a position other than P, the engine switch will not be turned off but instead be turned to ACCESSORY mode. Perform the following procedure to turn the switch off:

1. Check that the parking brake is set.

2. Shift the shift lever to P.

3. Check that "Turn Power Off" is displayed on the multi-information display and then press the engine switch once.

4. Check that "Turn Power Off" on the multi-information display is turned off.

■Auto power off function

If the vehicle is left in ACCESSORY mode for more than 20 minutes or IGNITION ON mode (with the engine is not running) for more than an hour with the shift lever in P, the engine switch will automatically turn off. However, this function cannot entirely prevent battery discharge. Do not leave the vehicle with the engine switch in ACCESSORY or IGNITION ON mode for long periods of time when the engine is not running.

■If the engine does not start

■When a message requesting the smart key system be inspected is displayed on the multi-information display

The system may be malfunctioning. Have the vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer immediately.

■Operation of the engine switch


■When starting the engine

Always start the engine while sitting in the driver's seat. Do not depress the accelerator pedal while starting the engine under any circumstances.

Doing so may cause an accident resulting in death or serious injury.

■Stopping the engine in an emergency

■When parking

Exhaust gases include harmful carbon monoxide (CO), which is colorless and odorless. Observe the following precautions.

Failure to do so may cause exhaust gases to enter the vehicle and may lead to an accident caused by light-headedness, or may lead to death or a serious health hazard.


■To prevent battery discharge

■When starting the engine

■Symptoms indicating a malfunction with the engine switch

If the engine switch seems to be operating somewhat differently than usual, such as the switch sticking slightly, there may be a malfunction. Contact your Toyota dealer immediately.

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