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Nissan Sentra Service Manual: Rear drum brake

Exploded View

  1. Cap
  2. Bleeder valve
  3. Piston
  4. Spring
  5. Boot
  6. Piston cup
  7. Wheel cylinder
  1. Apply rubber grease
  2. Apply PBC (Poly Butyl Cuprysil) grease or silicone-based grease

Disassembly and Assembly Apply brake fluid

Disassembly and Assembly


  1. Remove the boot from wheel cylinder. Refer to BR-51, "Exploded View".
  2. Remove the piston, piston cup and spring from wheel cylinder.


Pull the piston out from the wheel cylinder to prevent the wheel cylinder inner wall from being damaged.

  1. Remove piston cup from piston.


  1. Apply rubber grease to the piston cup (1) and boot (2).
  2. Install piston cup and boot to piston (3).


  1. Apply PBC (Poly Butyl Cuprysil) grease or silicone-based grease to the piston. Apply new brake fluid to wheel cylinder inner wall. Install spring, piston cover, and piston to wheel cylinder.


Do not damage the wheel cylinder inner wall.

  1. Install the boot to wheel cylinder. Refer to BR-51, "Exploded View".

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