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Nissan Sentra Service Manual: Diagnosis description : malfunction indicator lamp (MIL)

Nissan Sentra Service Manual / Engine / Engine control system / Operation / Diagnosis description : malfunction indicator lamp (MIL)

When emission-related ECU detects a malfunction in the emission control systems components and/or the powertrain control components (which affect vehicle emissions), it turns on/blinks MIL to inform the driver that a malfunction has been detected.

  1. The MIL illuminates when ignition switch is turned ON (engine is not running).


Check the MIL circuit if MIL does not illuminate. Refer to EC- 467, "Component Function Check".

  1. When the engine is started, the MIL should go off.



If MIL continues to illuminate/blink, perform self-diagnoses and inspect/repair accordingly because an emission-related ECU has detected a malfunction in the emission control systems components and/or the powertrain control components (which affect vehicle emissions).

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