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Toyota Camry Owner's Manual (2023): Summary of functions

The head-up display is linked to the meters and navigation system (if equipped) and projects a variety of information in front of the driver, such as the current vehicle speed.

Head-up display

  1. Driving assist system status/navigation system-linked display area (if equipped)
    The following pop-up displays will be displayed in certain situations:
    • Pre-collision warning (pre-collision system)
    • Alert from the Parking Support Brake system (if equipped)
  2. Shift position/speed limit/RSA (Road Sign Assist) display area
    • Shift position
    • Speed limit (vehicles with a navigation system) (U.S.A. only)
    • RSA (Road Sign Assist) display (if equipped)
  3. Vehicle speed display
  4. Eco Driving Indicator/Tachometer
  5. Information display area
    The following pop-up displays will be displayed in certain situations:
    • Warning/message
    • Hands-free system status
    • Audio system operation status

Using the head-up display

Select on the multi-information display and then .

◆ Enabling/disabling the head-up display

Press to enable/disable the head-up display.

◆ Changing the head-up display settings

Press and hold to change the following settings:

■ Eco Driving Indicator/Tachometer

Select to display Eco Driving Indicator/tachometer/no content.

■ Display brightness/position

Select to adjust the brightness and position of the head-up display.

■ Display content

Select to enable/disable the following items:

■ Display angle

Select to adjust the angle of the head-up display.

Driving assist system status/navigation system-linked display area (if equipped)

◆ Driving assist system status display

Displays the operational status of the following systems:

◆ Navigation system-linked display area (if equipped)

Displays the following items, which are linked to the navigation system:

■ Street name

When the navigation system is performing route guidance, the name of the next street will be displayed on the top of the display area.

■ Route guidance to destination

Displayed when the navigation system is performing route guidance.

When approaching an intersection, an arrow will be displayed to indicate the suggested direction of travel.

■ Compass

Displays the direction of travel.

Eco Driving Indicator/Tachometer

■ Eco Driving Indicator

  1. Eco Driving Indicator Zone Display
  2. Eco driving ratio based on acceleration
  3. Zone of Eco driving

Head-up display

Displayed content is the same as that displayed on the multi-information display (Eco Driving Indicator).

■ Tachometer

Displays the engine speed in revolutions per minute.

Head-up display

Information display area
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