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Toyota Camry Owner's Manual (2023): Smart key system

The following operations can be performed simply by carrying the electronic key on your person, for example in your pocket.

(The driver should always carry the electronic key.)

■Antenna location

  1. Antennas outside the cabin
  2. Antennas inside the cabin
  3. Antenna inside the trunk
  4. Antenna outside the trunk

Opening, closing and locking the doors

■Effective range (areas within which the electronic key is detected)

When locking or unlocking the doors

The system can be operated when the electronic key is within about 2.3 ft. (0.7 m) of either of the front outside door handles. (Only the doors detecting the key can be operated.)

When starting the engine or changing engine switch modes

The system can be operated when the electronic key is inside the vehicle.

When opening the trunk

The system can be operated when the electronic key is within about 2.3 ft. (0.7 m) of the trunk release button.

Opening, closing and locking the doors

■Alarms and warning indicators

A combination of exterior and interior alarms as well as warning messages shown on the multi-information display are used to prevent theft of the vehicle and accidents resulting from erroneous operation. Take appropriate measures in response to any warning message on the multi-information display.

When only an alarm sounds, circumstances and correction procedures are as follows.

Opening, closing and locking the doors

■Battery-saving function

The battery-saving function will be activated in order to prevent the electronic key battery and the vehicle battery from being discharged while the vehicle is not in operation for a long time.

■Electronic Key Battery-Saving Function

When battery-saving mode is set, battery depletion is minimized by stopping the electronic key from receiving radio waves.

Press twice while pressing and holding . Confirm that the electronic key indicator flashes 4 times.

While the battery-saving mode is set, the smart key system cannot be used. To cancel the function, press any of the electronic key buttons.

Opening, closing and locking the doors

■Conditions affecting operation

The smart key system, wireless remote control and engine immobilizer system use weak radio waves. In the following situations, the communication between the electronic key and the vehicle may be affected, preventing the smart key system, wireless remote control and engine immobilizer system from operating properly.

■Note for the entry function

*: This setting can be customized at your Toyota dealer.

■When the vehicle is not driven for extended periods

■To operate the system properly

Make sure to carry the electronic key when operating the system. Do not get the electronic key too close to the vehicle when operating the system from the outside of the vehicle.

Depending on the position and holding condition of the electronic key, the key may not be detected correctly and the system may not operate properly. (The alarm may go off accidentally, or the door lock prevention function may not operate.)

■If the smart key system does not operate properly


Some functions can be customized.

■If the smart key system has been deactivated in a customized setting


■Caution regarding interference with electronic devices

Ask your Toyota dealer for details for disabling the entry function.

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