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Toyota Camry Owner's Manual (2023): Replacing a flat tire

1. Chock the tires.

Steps to take in an emergency

Steps to take in an emergency

2. For vehicles with steel wheels, remove the wheel ornament using the wrench.

To protect the wheel ornament, place a rag between the wrench and the wheel ornament, as shown in the illustration.

Steps to take in an emergency

3. Slightly loosen the wheel nuts (one turn).

Vehicles with wheel locks: Use the wheel lock key to loosen the wheel lock.

Steps to take in an emergency

4. Turn the tire jack portion "A" by hand until the notch of the jack is in contact with the jack point.

To prevent damage to the vehicle when using the jack, position the jack in the correct location.

The jack point guides are located under the rocker panel. They indicate the jack point positions.

Steps to take in an emergency

5. Assemble the jack handle.

Steps to take in an emergency

6. Raise the vehicle until the tire is slightly raised off the ground.

Steps to take in an emergency

7. Remove all the wheel nuts and the tire.

When resting the tire on the ground, place the tire so that the wheel design faces up to avoid scratching the wheel surface.

Steps to take in an emergency


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