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Toyota Camry Owner's Manual (2023): Intuitive parking assist

The distance from your vehicle to nearby objects when parallel parking or maneuvering into a garage is measured by the sensors and communicated via the multi-information display and a buzzer. Always check the surrounding area when using this system.

Types of sensors

  1. Front corner sensors
  2. Front center sensors
  3. Rear corner sensors
  4. Rear center sensors

Using the driving support systems

Turning the intuitive parking assist on/off

1. Press of the meter control switches, select .

2. Press of the meter control switches, select .

3. Press of the meter control switch.

When the intuitive parking assist function is disabled, the intuitive parking assist OFF indicator illuminates.

To re-enable the system, select on the multi-information display, select and turn it on.

If the system is disabled, it will remain off even if the engine switch is turned to IGNITION ON mode after the engine switch has been turned off.

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