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Toyota Camry Owner's Manual (2023): Dynamic radar cruise control

Summary of functions

In vehicle-to-vehicle distance control mode, the vehicle automatically accelerates and decelerates to match the speed changes of the preceding vehicle even if the accelerator pedal is not depressed. In constant speed control mode, the vehicle runs at a fixed speed.

Use the dynamic radar cruise control on freeways and highways.

System Components

■ Meter display

  1. Multi-information display
  2. Set speed
  3. Indicators

Using the driving support systems

■ Operation switches

  1. Vehicle-to-vehicle distance switch
  2. "+ RES" switch
  3. Cruise control main switch
  4. Cancel switch
  5. "- SET" switch

Using the driving support systems


■Before using dynamic radar cruise control


■Cautions regarding the driving assist systems

Observe the following precautions, as there are limitations to the assistance provided by the system.

Failure to do so may cause an accident resulting in death or serious injury.

■Situations unsuitable for dynamic radar cruise control

Do not use dynamic radar cruise control in any of the following situations.

Doing so may result in inappropriate speed control and could cause an accident resulting in death or serious injury.

Selecting constant speed control mode - Dynamic radar cruise control with full-speed range
When constant speed control mode is selected, your vehicle will maintain a set speed without controlling the vehicle-to-vehicle distance. Select this mode only when vehicle-to-vehicle distance con ...

Driving in vehicle-to-vehicle distance control mode - Dynamic radar cruise control
This mode employs a radar to detect the presence of vehicles up to approximately 328 ft. (100 m) ahead, determines the current vehicle-to- vehicle following distance, and operates to maintain a suit ...

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