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Toyota Camry Owner's Manual (2023): Driving mode select switches

The driving modes can be selected to suit driving condition.

Using the driving support systems

  1. Normal mode
    Use for normal driving.
    While in Eco drive mode or sport mode, press the switch to change the driving mode to normal mode.
  2. Eco drive mode
    Use Eco drive mode to help achieve low fuel consumption during trips that involve frequent accelerating.
    When the "ECO" switch is pressed, the "ECO MODE" indicator comes on in the instrument cluster.
  3. Sport mode
    Use sport mode when increased acceleration response and precise
    handling is desired, for example, when driving on mountain roads.

    When the "SPORT" switch is pressed, the "SPORT" indicator comes on in the instrument cluster.

■Operation of the air conditioning system in Eco drive mode

Eco drive mode controls the heating/cooling operations and fan speed of the air conditioning system to enhance fuel efficiency (P. 387, 394). To improve air conditioning performance, adjust the fan speed or turn off Eco drive mode.

■Sport mode automatic deactivation

Sport mode is automatically deactivated if the engine switch is turned off after driving in sport mode.

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Driving tips

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