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Driving pattern A means a trip satisfying the following conditions.



Driving pattern B means a trip satisfying the following conditions.



Driving pattern C means operating vehicle as per the following: The following conditions should be satisfied at the same time:

Engine speed: (Engine speed in the freeze frame data) В±375 rpm

Calculated load value: (Calculated load value in the freeze frame data) x (1В±0.1) [%] Engine coolant temperature condition:



Driving pattern D means a trip satisfying the following conditions


Diagnosis description : counter system
RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MIL, 1ST TRIP DTC, DTC, AND DETECTABLE ITEMS When a malfunction is detected for the first time, the 1st trip DTC and the 1st trip freeze frame data are stored in the ECM ...

Diagnosis description : system readiness test (SRT) code
System Readiness Test (SRT) code is specified in Service $01 of SAE J1979/ISO 15031-5. As part of an enhanced emissions test for Inspection & Maintenance (I/M), certain states require the s ...

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Exploded View Reservoir hose Reservoir tank Clutch master cylinder Removal and Installation REMOVAL CAUTION: Keep painted surface on the body or other parts free of clutch fluid. If it spills, wipe up immediately and wash the affected area with water. Do not disassemble c ...

B0028 Side airbag module RH
Description DTC B0028 FRONT RH SIDE AIR BAG MODULE The front RH side air bag module is wired to the air bag diagnosis sensor unit. The air bag diagnosis sensor unit will monitor for opens and shorts in detected lines to the front RH side air bag module. PART LOCATION Refer to SRC-5, " ...

Changing engine oil filter
Park the vehicle on a level surface and apply the parking brake. Turn the engine off. Place a large drain pan under the oil filter C . Loosen the oil filter with an oil filter wrench by turning it counterclockwise. Then remove the oil filter by turning it by hand. CAUTION Be c ...

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